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Listings in Cinema Arts

Misha Penton

in Poetry, Painter, Director: Film, Director: Theater, Composer, Musician: Vocalist, Editor: Cinema

Misha Penton is a contemporary opera singer, experimental vocal composer, media artist, performance creator and director. Her projects blossom in many forms: live performance, sound and film works, site specific installations, and writings.

Houston, Texas 77009
United States

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Gogi Productions LLC

in Screenwriter, Director: Film

Gogi Productions LLC has done independent film production including a feature "Leaves of the Tree" (on iTunes and Google Play), and is now involved in production of documentaries called "Our Dad Danielle", as well as "Maskulinity".

11 Rainford Ct.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
United States

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in Photographer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Director: Film, Muralist, Printmaking, Public Art, Video Art

Brian Ellison is a photographer, cinematographer, creative director and the Founder of The Black Man Project.

3440 Drew st
unit A
Houston, Texas 77004
United States

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Studio U

in Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Director: Film, Editor: Cinema

After producing a local television program in San Antonio, I wrote and had a Hollywood agent for a feature-length screenplay, entitled "On the Bus." My second play was produced by a high school English class at Clements High School in Sugar Land.

P.O. Box 3824
Houston, Texas 77253
United States

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Angel Quesada

in Painter, Cinematographer, Director: Film, Scenic Designer, Musician: Vocalist, Musician: Instrumental, Sound Editor, Muralist, Editor: Cinema, Sound Designer: Theater, Curator, Public Art, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media Artist, Paper Art

Quesada believes that the beauty of our surroundings matters. Artwork can feed excitement about a place and celebrate the people who live there. He is well versed in many forms of art and has worked in the arts for over 25 years.

PO Box 66003
Houston, Texas 77266
United States

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Mackenzie Baker Art

in Graphic Artist, Screenwriter, Costume Designer: Theater, Muralist, Craft Artist, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer: Cinema Arts, Illustrator, Curator: Film, Animator, Concept Design, Drawing, Installation, Fiber Artist, Textile Artist, Mixed Media Artist, Video Art

Using a graphic collection of historical, decorative, biological, and organic hand drawn images I have been recreating digital, fiber, mixed medium art pieces, and film that are tangible for new and modern art goers to experience traditional forms.

43 Brackett St
Boston, Massachusetts 02135
United States

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Kay Sarver

in Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Editor: Cinema, Curator

As a young child I was always drawing, usually creating some sort of grand scene with animals and trees. In collage, painting became my favorite medium that I continue to explore.

6939 Mobud Dr
Houston, Texas 77074
United States

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Brenda Cruz-Wolf

in Photographer, Cinematographer, Zine Maker: Visual, Editor: Cinema, Video Art

Brenda Cruz-Wolf is a multi-media video artist.

Houston, Texas
United States

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