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Listings in Painter

Marisa Avelar

in Painter, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Craft Artist, Illustrator, Drawing

Marisa Avelar is a graphic designer, painter, and mixed media artist born and raised in Houston, TX. After beginning with traditional oil works, she ventured into mixed media pieces combining paint, found objects, fabric and her own photography.

Brooklyn, New York 11238
United States

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Melissa Walter

in Painter, Craft Artist, Printmaking

Melissa Walter uses her knowledge as a jeweler to influence her art practice which includes jewelry, printmaking, painting and drawing. She received a BFA from East Carolina University and a MFA from the University of Georgia.

619 W 9th St
Houston, Texas 77007
United States

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Al Saulso

in Painter, Photographer, Curator, Mixed Media Artist

My work is a testament to my inner passion for balance. I work with the understanding of spirit and connection. I have always been fascinated with telling my story with various mediums. The subjects I mostly gravitate to deal heavily with folklore.

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Nicky Davis

in Painter, Muralist

Nicky Davis is a visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas. His illustrative style is consistent across a diverse range of mediums, including fine art, murals, and merchandise.

29842 Keen Rd
Tomball, Texas 77377
United States

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Mila Sketch

in Painter, Graphic Artist, Muralist, Zine Maker: Visual, Illustrator, Public Art, Drawing, Mixed Media Artist, Video Art

Mila Sketch is a multimedia visual artist based in Austin, TX. Mila consistently creates captivating large-scale murals, fine art, digital design, mosaic, augmented reality, and installations.

Austin, Texas
United States

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Mead McLean

in Painter, Printmaking

Artist based in the greater Houston area. Associate Professor of Art and DepartmentChair of Art and Humanities at Lone Star College - Montgomery Campus. Avid draftsman, painter, reader, and rock climber.

Conroe, Texas 77302
United States

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Andrew Raul Solis

in Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, Drawing

Visual artist residing in the Montrose community of Houston Texas.

Houston, Texas
United States

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Hugo Pérez

in Painter, Muralist, Illustrator, Public Art, Video Art

Hugo Pérez is a Houston-based visual artist working in various mediums. His practice involves the use of painting, collage, sculpture, and digital tools to explore contemporary social issues that relate to identity, gender, and visibility.

4515 Sharon St
Houston, Texas 77020
United States

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